Thumbnail showing Younkin winning the GOP nomination for governor.

In 2020, The Virginia GOP decided to run a multi-round, ranked-choice election where delegates' votes were weighted based on where they lived. Despite having only a week to design and build the pages, we created a live election results page. I built the front-end code in d3 and Svelte, as well as much of the server-side code in Django.

Line graph showing the rise in testing and confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, from less than 1,000 tests and 118 confirmed cases on March 4 to over 1 million tests and over 180,000 confirmed cases by March 31.

Coronavirus cases have been growing rapidly in the United States, from only around 100 positive tests across the entire country on March 4 to over 5,000 less than two weeks later.

Some of that growth is because testing has become much more available. But the disease itself also poses an enormous threat, holding the potential to overwhelm our health care system.

Using data from the COVID Tracking Project, see how positive and total test results have grown across the country since March 4.